What Is The Difference Between Medicaid And Medicare?

If you have suffered through a medical emergency, you know how difficult recovery can be. In addition to the physical problems, concern over the cost of your hospitalization and ongoing care can be just as difficult to handle. As the cost of care has skyrocketed over the decades, many people have gone bankrupt trying to cover medical costs, while others fear growing older because they don’t know what will happen as they age.

To help people better afford their medical care, the government created Medicaid and Medicare to aid those who need it most: people without a lot of money, and older Americans who may not have the income necessary to pay for medical bills. While Medicare and Medicaid sound similar, the programs themselves are actually quite different. Learn about what makes them different, and when you may apply for each of them.

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Medicare is a federal program that provides some medical coverage for Americans over the age of 65. The program also covers some people with specific disabilities. Medicare is made up of four parts, including hospitalization coverage, insurance, supplemental insurance, and prescription drug coverage. While Medicare does not cover all of these costs, they can help reduce these costs significantly, which is important for older Americans on fixed incomes.


Medicaid is a program administered by the federal government and your state that is designed to help low-income people afford their medical care, along with long-term care, including nursing home stays and in-home medical care.

Every state has different requirements, which can make it extremely difficult to know whether you meet these requirements, as well as what information you will need to provide. Each state also provides a different amount of money for procedures and needs, so you need to speak with an attorney who understands how the program functions, how it can benefit you, and what will be covered, and what won’t be covered.

Why You May Need Help Applying For Medicaid

As each state runs a different Medicaid program, finding accurate information online that applies to your state can be difficult. These programs tend to change fairly often as they are hot-button political issues that routinely find themselves in the middle of federal and state political arguments.

In order to be able to use these benefits, it is a good idea to enlist help from an experienced attorney who understands the system. If your application is denied, you may have lost a significant investment of time, and you may have seen your medical bills increase while you wait for help from the program. You can avoid this vicious cycle by contacting an attorney.

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