Why You Need An Asset Protection Attorney

Protecting your assets is incredibly important. After you have worked so hard for everything you have, it only makes sense to have an experienced attorney on your side to help you keep what is yours safe from unscrupulous people and baseless, yet asset-draining, lawsuits. In this blog entry, we will discuss why it is a great idea to hire an attorney who understands the best ways to protect your assets.

If you would like to speak with a lawyer who has years of experience in this field, contact Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts in Watertown. Not only can we help you keep what is yours, we can also help you plan your estate, and offer assistance with any elder law emergencies.

They Will Make Sure Everything Is Legal

One of the most important reasons to hire an asset protection lawyer is the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you have protected your assets legally. While no one wants to break the law, the incredibly complex system of law that governs asset protection can put people in legal jeopardy if they try to go it alone. For example, if someone brings a lawsuit against you, many people think that one way to avoid having to pay for a settlement is to transfer all of their assets to a friend or family member, without knowing that doing so is illegal.

The best way to protect yourself from harmful suits and relentless creditors is to set up a system that protects your assets before anything happens to you. Our attorney can help you decide if you are at high risk for a suit and the best ways to alleviate those risks. There are many options available to you, including the creation of trusts. A trust is a legal arrangement that controls any assets that are endowed to it, removing them from your ownership. Once a trust is created and endowed with assets from you, those assets can not be taken from you in the event of a lawsuit, as long as the trust was created before the suit started. There are several different kinds of trusts that each have distinct advantages and disadvantages, so speak with our asset protection attorney today to find out which type of trust is best for your situation.

They Can Help You Determine How To Administer Your Estate

Whether or not you decide to create a trust, one of the most important ways that our attorney at Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts can help you is to help you prepare for the future of your assets. Whether that means helping you find better ways to protect your assets or it means planning how your estate will be administered, we are able to take on these challenges.

Contact us at Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts today to find out about the ways that we can assist you when you need advice on asset protection, estate planning, or elder law emergencies. We have offices in Syracuse and Watertown, and we look forward to helping you.