Why Now Is Not The Time To Eliminate Personal Interaction From Your Estate Planning Process

I see that a number of attorneys are rolling out new widgets, apps and programs to let you make your estate plan from home, with little to no interaction with trained estate planning professionals to guide you through the process.  You should ask yourself this question: “If they are just launching these programs now, in the midst of the Coronavirus, how thorough can they be?”

The fact is that these widgets, apps and programs are set to ask you the most “the most common” questions, and they provide you with “the most common solution.”

Also, your answers are restricted only to the questions that were pre-programmed. Usually, the answers are limited to a pre-set list, provided in a drop-down menu. . What if there was something else you wanted to discuss, that is not in the menu?

At Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts, we recognize the uniqueness of every family.  Getting to know each family is one of the true joys of what we do.  Getting to know, you, talking about your kids and grand-kids, other loved ones, or charities about which you are passionate, helps us to create unique solutions that meet the needs of your family, not the “most common” family.

Don’t let fear drive you to a cookie cutter solution for those you love.

Call now to schedule a free personal phone call or video conference with our trained case managers to discuss your family and their needs. After speaking with you, they will recommend the right plan for your situation.

We will be right with you, side by side, through each step of the process, to answer your questions and tailor your solutions.