Two Questions To Ask When Interviewing Estate Planning Attorneys

Searching for an attorney to help you navigate the confusing legal requirements of a will or trust can be difficult. Even more difficult is knowing what questions to ask the list of attorneys that you’re able to come up with. In this blog, we want to cover what questions you should ask the lawyers that you’re interviewing so you can make the right choice.

At Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts, we have years of experience in estate planning and asset protection. The focus of our firm is to provide you with options that best serve your legal needs. Call us today if you need to start putting a will or trust together or if you want to know what your options are for protecting your assets in case of hospitalization.

Does Your Firm Specialize In Estate Planning?

While many law firms will say that they offer estate planning services, there aren’t that many out there that specialize in the field. While it is absolutely possible for a lawyer who is skilled in business law practices to also be great at drawing up wills and setting up trusts, when you want to make sure that you’re receiving the most up-to date advice, you want a lawyer who is very familiar with the latest developments in the field because that is what they focus on.

When you call Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts, you will be dealing with a law firm that is dedicated to all things related to asset protection and estate planning. We have spent years helping our clients protect their assets and we work as hard as possible to stay on top of new legal developments that can benefit our clients.

Does Your Firm Have Experience With Trusts?

If you are looking for a way to protect your money and property in case of long-term healthcare needs, a trust might be one of the best options for you. With a trust, your property ceases to be in your name which protects it from creditors who would come after you for money. A trust is also a great way to provide for your beneficiaries, especially if you want to make sure that certain conditions are met or to prevent one of your heirs from burning through their inheritance too quickly.

Despite all of these benefits, trusts can be very hard to properly fund and can take a great deal of time and energy to implement properly. An estate planning attorney should have years of experience in order to make sure that everything is above board and safe. At Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts, we frequently help our clients establish and manage trusts. Our years of experience in dealing with the specific tax responsibilities means that we know the best way to approach your particular trust.

While there are many other good questions you’ll want to ask any potential asset protection or estate planning attorney, these two questions are a great place to start. Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts in Watertown is a law firm built around helping you protect your money and we have had years of success. Contact us today if you have questions about any of the legal services we offer.