The Gift Of Time…

At my workshops over the last several years, we have constantly reminded people not to procrastinate about estate planning.  In fact, after attending a workshop, attendees received a free meeting with a personal case manager to start the estate planning process.  We wanted people to take the opportunity to finally take the actions they knew the needed to take, because you never know what will happen and when.

When talking about why taking action now was always preferable to waiting, I was referring to declining physical health, mental competency and even death. Those are things that we should anticipate and plan for, ideally well be for they become a reality.  I never could have imagined how procrastination would be impacted by a virus.

Some folks would tell us that they were just too busy to take the next step; at least right now.  I understood what they mean.  Estate planning is grown up stuff, that can be hard for some to tackle.  For most folks, life was a whirlwind, and doing the hard stuff just wasn’t in the cards.  After all, there was barely time to do what others expected us to do, let alone what we needed to do for ourselves.

Now, here we all are, are stuck at home, with no travel or outings in sight.  There is nothing we can plan, because no one knows when things will open.  Shopping is curtailed, work has slowed, or ended, for some. Families aren’t gathering for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, or even funerals.  Favorite pastimes and hobbies are not available to us.

Its easy to complain about what is happening to us. heck, I have done it too, and often.  Then I realized that I could be missing something. I thought that a different way way to look at things is that some of us have been been given the gift of time.  Time to take care of those things that have been nagging at us.  For me, cleaning the office, re-writing some client documents, reviewing and revising our systems and process, among other things. For you it might be a squeaky step, or painting a room,  cleaning the garage, checking in with family members, organizing old photos, thinning out your closest and dressers, experimenting with new recipes, leaning to video chat with the kids, or snapchat with the grand kids.  The possibilities are only limited by space and imagination.

What are those nagging chores, tasks and projects you have been meaning to do?

If one of those nagging items is finalizing your estate planning, please know that we here and happy to help. We have adapted out business process to the current situations with video conferencing, phone conferences, masks and hand-sanitizing and, if needed, in person meetings at the office, with proper health protocols in place an observed.

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