Business Distancing

What a whirlwind the last 2-4 weeks have been.  It is hard to believe that I was in Florida for a conference and some family time with my parents just a bit over 1 month ago.  We knew about Covid19, but no one thought we would be here.

So, what is Safe Harbor doing to protect our clients, our team, and our team’s families?

  1. Business distancing – we are having our meetings either through video conferencing, or on the phone.
  2. We are sending out documents via email.  Those that can be signed electronically, are being done so.  Otherwise clients are printing at home, signing and returning.  When needed, we are supporting the U.S. Post Office with regular mailings.
  3. We are doing online video reviews of documents, prior to the signing.  This has been a big hit.
  4. While some legal documents can now be signed electronically, we still prefer that you do it in person:  what we have been doing is simply have you sign the documents in the car.
  5. We are taking payments over the phone or with a check through the mail.
  6. We have a document drop off in our vestibule.

We are still helping families protect their home and life savings, even if they are in a nursing home. We are still doing it with compassion, understanding, and the highest degree of professionalism.  Its just that the delivery is a bit different.

If you know anyone who is anxious because they don’t have their planning done, have them call us.

If someone needs help because a loved on is in a nursing home, or going into a nursing home, or needs help to stay out of a nursing home, we are still here to help.

Most of all, please stay home, be safe, be well, and take this time to be present with those you love.

-John M. Murphy, Jr.