Avoid These Mistakes When Applying For Medicaid

When you need help paying for unexpected medical expenses, such as home care, assisted living, or nursing home, Medicaid can help. This federal, which is administered by each state, was created to help people with low or fixed incomes and minimal assets afford medical treatment when they need it the most. While Medicaid was designed to help in times of emergency, it is not fast nor is it easy to apply for.

For Medicaid assistance to help with the cost of home care, assisted living, or nursing home, there are common mistakes that people make that can not only lead to denial of coverage, but can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

If you are in the process of applying for Medicaid, there are a number of common mistakes that you should try to avoid. Contact Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts in Watertown and Syracuse today for help with Medicaid, asset protection, writing a will, or creating a trust.

Our firm focuses on helping people protect themselves and what they have worked for. Keep reading this blog entry for three mistakes to avoid when you are applying for the Medicaid program.

Applying Too Late

When you or one of your family members is dealing with a medical emergency, it is too easy to put the idea of money to the back burner. While you should absolutely be concerned about the situation at hand, it is important to start figuring out how you will be able to pay for all bills that are piling up.

Medicaid moves slowly, so it is a good idea to begin the process as soon as you are able, but not before you are financially eligible for coverage. (This is where an Elder Law attorney who is experienced is accelerating eligibility is invaluable.) Make sure to do some research about the program to find out when you can apply, what you need in order to be able to complete the application, and who qualifies for Medicaid. The longer it takes you to apply, the longer it will take to receive help.

Not Appealing

Having your application denied is fairly common. Whether you have too much money or you made a mistake on your application, being denied happens often enough that you should not be discouraged. There is an appeals process through which you can correct any mistakes or prove that there is actual need for Medicaid.

Not Hiring An Elder Law Attorney

Far too many people rely on the opinion of the nursing home, or assisted living center to tell them whether they are eligible for Medicaid services and if they are not, how much money they must spend before they can become eligible. Many people believe that hiring an attorney will cost them so much money that it will not be worth it. However, without a knowledgeable attorney who understands the Medicaid system, you may not qualify for the program, which will force you to pay large bills on your own. Many people have gone bankrupt and lost everything they’ve worked their entire lives for after an unexpected hospital or nursing home stay.

The primary job of the Elder Law attorney is to help you take steps to become eligible for help as soon as legally possible. An attorney can help you review an application, file an appeal, and help you find ways to qualify for the program.

Our attorney started Safe Harbor Wills & Trusts in order to help people who were going through difficult periods in their life after his own family experienced just how complicated and harrowing the process can be. Since the practice began, we have helped many people find better ways to manage and protect their assets. When you need to write a will or create a trust, our firm is here to help. With offices in Syracuse and Watertown, we are conveniently located.

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